Elope Studios


Elope Studios is a photography studio that specializes in affordable, emotive, documentary, candid, colorful and fun elopements, portraits, and proposal packages in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City.

MC + Jeremy May the 4th Star Wars Elopement

MC + Jeremy

from Raleigh, NC

"Jeremy was an exclusive supplier for the company I used to work with in distribution. He was training me in his product and then as we were finishing the training I noticed a lot of ropes in his car. I was very intrigued. He proceeded to tell me they were for rock climbing and that he could not go to lunch with me because he was meeting someone to climb. I was deeply offended that he was ditching me to do something fun, so I demanded a raincheck.

A few weeks later he made it up to me by taking me to climb for the very first time outdoors, no gym! As I was suspended from a rope on the side of a mountain in North Carolina, I realized I was either:
A. Crazy to put my life in the hands of a stranger or
B. Distracted by those muscles or
C. Falling in love. I know I am not crazy.....must be choice B and C.
Shortly after our climbing adventure we began dating. 3 years later we were married!"

Locations: City Hall (elopement), Financial District, Times Square, Central Park. 

Editing Style: The West Village