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How To Tell Your Mom You Eloped


Ok. You did it. It happened. You ran away, eloped, and now you don’t know how to tell your mom that you low-key got married, changed your name, and maybe are moving to start a new life in Europe (or something). 

You’re right, it’s not going to be easy, but it has to be done.

Every mom is different, but there’s a general set of guidelines we can help you out with when the time comes to break the big news. Before we get started, remind yourself that eloping was right for you and your partner, and that is what’s most important. (Seriously!) 

Take a deep breath, we’ve got you. Here’s how to tell your mom you eloped.

First: Stay calm.
Mom’s can sense fear. It’s, like, their “thing.” When you’re delivering news that you know may come as a shock, it’s best if you can keep your cool and make space for her to freak out. This way, it’s a controlled whirlwind of emotions and not an unruly hurricane. 

Second: Don’t apologize for not telling her sooner.Look, whatever. You had to do what you had to do, and this was an adult decision that you and your spouse made together as a team. You can use language like, “I know this might come as a shock,” or, “I understand if this is a lot to take in.” But, if you open with “sorry,” you’re immediately putting it out there that you’ve done something wrong, when really you did something really, really right!

Third: Let her freak out if she’s going to freak out.
This goes for a good reaction or a bad reaction. If your mom is the kind of person who loves to make a BIG DEAL out of everything, and you were purposefully avoiding a big wedding for this reason, just let her throw you a party. You had your day, and this will make her feel involved and special.  If your mom is the kind of person who is going to be really mad and resentful, just let her yell at you. She missed the biggest day of her baby’s life, and shouting about it might help you in the long run. Sure, it might not be awesome, but at least you have each other! 

Fourth: Remind her you love her.And that you’re thankful she set you up for a life that led you to your forever person. 

Fifth: Show her your pictures. …that we took! She’ll be so excited to see your photos and it will help her feel like she was there. 

Getting eloped is a big deal, talk with us at hello@elopestudios.com on how to do it right. Mom will be proud you did. 

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