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Elope Studios is a photography studio that specializes in affordable, emotive, documentary, candid, colorful and fun elopements, portraits, and proposal packages in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City.



Please don’t make me explain to you why the holidays are the best time of the year. If the seasonal merriment, extra effort on everyone’s part to be a little nicer, gorgeous decorations, delicious food, and a few days off of work aren’t obvious to you, then literally I and Santa can’t help you. 

THIS IS THE TIME TO ELOPE, PEOPLE! Especially if you want to do it in New York. 

Think about it. New York is featured in 99.9 percent your favorite Christmas movie classics and has the most famous Christmas tree in the nation. Fifth Avenue decorates itself like it invented twinkle lights, plus ice skating rinks, winter villages, and hot chocolate are literally everywhere. If you’ve been toying with eloping and have been waiting for the perfect time… this is it.

Here’s why…

The Backdrop: Want to get hitched in front of Rockefeller’s ice skating rink under the most famous Christmas tree on earth? Great. Let’s do that. 

Want to get married inside of the flagship Macy’s store beneath their notorious holiday decorations, amidst the perfume salespeople? We love it. 

Want to get married sipping hot cider in front of a food cart in Central Park while it snows? Yes. Please. We are in. 

There are endless amounts of magical options, and we are dying to help you pick out yours. 

That Holiday Cheer: Let’s be honest, New Yorkers don’t have a reputation for being the warmest of folks — but during the holidays, all of that changes

This time of year seems like the one time when New York whips out its happy pants and spreads cheer and goodwill to all. Strangers are kinder to one another, and there is a palpable merry pep in everyone’s step. 

Come soak up the love and let’s “I-do” this thing, already. 

Those Pictures: Don’t even get us started on the pictures. (Just kidding, please do.) Have you guys ever seen what this place looks like in the Winter? It’s all kind of delicious words like peaceful, serene, and glowing. Just add a little bit of holiday spirit and BOOM, you’re glowing, baby. 

Capturing your elopement with the magic of the holidays in New York City is a foolproof plan for incredible photos and memories to keep for a lifetime. 

Drop us a letter like Santa (or an email, like normal people) at hello@elopestudios.com to talk over your options, and let’s do this holiday season right! 

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