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Elope Studios is a photography studio that specializes in affordable, emotive, documentary, candid, colorful and fun elopements, portraits, and proposal packages in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City.

10 Places to Elope in NYC Besides City Hall

We’re all familiar with the mecca of quick small civil unions at City Hall’s Marriage Bureau.  The forever row of clerk stations, the deli counter numbers, and a sea of anxious lovers awaiting their 30 second ceremony in the east or west chapel.  We have nothing against this option.. we shoot there all the time and love it!  But we know there are couples out there that want to preserve their individuality with something more personalized. More special. More, them.  This is why we’ve put this list together. To remind you Elopers out there that fluorescent lit government buildings are not your ONLY option.  There are a plethora of locations that can showcase the love you share for each other and this amazing city.  The Big Apple is your oyster!  Let’s get shuckin’!!!


1) A Rooftop with City Views - Think about any friends you might have with an amazing rooftop in NYC that might let us borrow their view for an hour.  Don’t have anyone?  Yes you do… you’ve got us!  Our Eloped NYC Studio sits in the center of DUMBO which is an arts and tech hub in Brooklyn surrounded by amazing restaurants and parks.  Not to mention the most classic views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges; you’ll be saying “I Do” on top of the world.


2) Your Favorite Street in NYC - For those exhibitionists out there, this one’s for you. Say your vows in the bustle of the busy apple while the world swirls around your love.  Just be a courteous New Yorker and step to the side :)


3) Central Park - Or one of the 1700 other parks and recreation areas that the 5 boroughs have to offer.  Add some greenery to your scenery and take advantage of where the exhausted natives go to unwind.  


4) Your Hotel Balcony - Planning on staying somewhere cool on your visit?  Are you a local planning a Staycation elopement? Make it somewhere amazing and turn your room into your own private “chapel.”


5) Your Friends Apartment - There are MILLIONS of people living on this island.  Even if you don’t live here, chances you know someone in the city are pretty high.  Plus, you’ve got the wedding card to play when it comes time to ask a favor, cause who doesn’t want to help out a happy couple? Think about who you may know with an awesome place!


6) The Staten Island Ferry -  Breath in the Manhattan skyline as you loop around the Statue of Liberty with the wind in your hair and the love of your life in your eyes.  


7) South Street Seaport - Located in downtown Manhattan with an elevated park embraced by skyscrapers and views of Brooklyn.

8) A Boat - You like big ol’ ships? Whelp, you can rent your very own 1920’s sailboat to get married on!  Crew included… we got a guy ;)


9) The Oculus - One of NYC’s newest additions of awesomeness.  Ultra-modern and architecturally astonishing inside and out.


10) Bushwick - Blocks of colorful street art by world-renowned artists in one of the hippest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  

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