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How To Tell If Eloping Is Right For You?


We totally get it. Decisions like, “Am I ready to get married?” “Is eloping right for me?” and, of course, “Sesame bagel or everything bagel?” are questions that must be taken seriously, and lucky for you, we’re here to help. (Answers are, “Yes,” “Yes,” and “Duh, everything bagel.”)

Making the decision to jump into an amazing NYC elopement and skip the big, expen$ive, stressful, traditional wedding doesn’t have to be difficult, and in fact, could be a lot of fun.

We at Eloped NYC know there are a couple of easy things to look for that will help guide you, and we’re here to help. 

Here are five ways to tell if eloping is right for you. 

You hate being stressed.
Hate-to-love or love-to-hate them, planning a traditional wedding is stressful. The kind of forethought and organizational skills it requires to put something this big together is time-consuming, and sucks up loads of precious brain space you could reserve for things like enjoying the time you have with your partner. 

If you’re reading this thinking you’d rather just live your life, roll with the punches, and hate feeling worried, rushed, or pressured all the time, guess what? ELOPING IS FOR YOU! 

Spending an exorbitant amount of money sounds, like, not great.
Hot tip from marriage professionals: Weddings are expensive. Like, expensive-expensive. 

If you’re the kind of person that would rather spend your money on life experiences, saving for your future, or being able to spend on life as it comes, and does not like spending your money on things like name cards, disco lights, or a side of whipped tuna tartare to go with your guest’s crostini…then hooray!  - ELOPING IS FOR YOU! 

The idea of having to please your crazy in-laws makes your upper lip sweat.
Here’s the thing about traditional weddings, there are a LOT of people involved. If having multiple people weigh in on the most important day of your life sounds like a nightmare, that’s because it is. And oh yeah - ELOPING IS FOR YOU! 

You’re ready to be married now.
Planning an entire wedding with a ceremony and reception and rehearsal dinner and blah-blah-blah takes time. Sometimes venues need engaged couples to book out months (or even YEARS) in advance. If you’re sitting there thinking, “But I love him/her and know I want to be married right now…” good news - ELOPING IS FOR YOU! 

You believe your wedding day should be about you and your partner, (and that’s it.)
Forget the long winded family speeches, forget writing a million thank you cards, and forget spending your wedding day with everyone you know BUT the person you’re marrying. Today is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, and you believe that’s the way it should be. Know what? Sounds like ELOPING IS FOR YOU! 

There is plenty of time to throw a party if you want to, but for now, let’s get this show on the road. Contact us at hello@elopestudios.com to get started.