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The Benefits Of An Autumn NYC Elopement


Take it from us, there are just a very few things that beat Autumn in New York City. Finally, the heat and sweat from the summer has melted away, and the frigid chill of Winter is yet to come.

Instead, you’re met with glorious crisp air, the smell of coffee in the streets, and the perfect weather to rock your epic chunky sweater/circle scarf/fresh booties combo, making you photogenic like WOAH.

If you’re been wanting to elope in New York, the time is now, and let us tell you why… 

Those colors
Call us crazy (or professional photographers *wink wink*) but the way the afternoon light hits the sky scrapers and local parks in the middle of Fall is nothing short of cinematic. The trees on the streets all shift into a gorgeous rustic back drop for your elopement, and the warm colors of autumn golds, reds, and oranges is sure to give you and your partner a blissful, wide awake glow.  

That weather
Don’t want to risk freezing winds, blazing sun or a torrential downpour on your elopement day? Then it’s a good thing you’re avoiding Winter, Summer and Spring. 

Autumn is traditionally and consistently the loveliest time of year with the most reliable weather and easiest wardrobe options. (Hint: LAYERS. Fancy shawls. Three piece suits. Velvet shoes. etc. etc. etc.) 

The Delicious Treats
Hate to say it, but Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the. best. things. to wake up with on your elopement day or to cap off your elopement afternoon… not to mention all of the delicious goodies and treats that seem to pour out of NYC local bakeries and restaurants. 

By choosing this time of year to get hitched in the Big Apple, you can guarantee a celebratory dinner or decadent “elopement” cake of your marital and pumpkin-y dreams. 

There Are Less Tourists
Sure, there’s never a time of year when there are NO tourists in New York, but it is substantially less in the Fall, comparatively. 

Christmas time and the summer months are usually the busiest times of year for out of town folks to come soak up the city, and Spring is the universal re-birth when even locals crawl out from their studios and flood the streets. 

Eloping in the Fall offers you more space and freedom in picking your ceremony location, and a greater chance of reserving that secret back booth in your favorite restaurant for the after party. 

The Holidays are around the corner
Why is this a perk? This way, you have an opportunity to get together with close family and friends to celebrate your recent marriage, especially if they weren’t with you for the elopement.

Knowing there is designated time to party with friends and family can ease some of the tension or weirdness that comes with having an intimate ceremony (re: limited family members.) Plus, by having the holidays right around the corner it gives you a chance to be the center of attention without having to foot the dinner bill for a 100+ guests. 

Does any of this tickle your sweater-weather fancy? Contact us at hello@elopestudios.com to set up your gorgeous Autumn elopement! 

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