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Elopement Myths And The Truth About Pulling It Off


If you’re here, you probably already know a big wedding isn’t for you. The idea of getting hundreds of your “closest family and friends” together makes you break out in hives, and having to stand in front of an audience that size on the biggest day of your life makes you panic-eat peanut butter out of the jar. You want to throw a party to celebrate, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars figuring out what napkins clash with your jewelry. 

A wedding isn’t the answer, but you want to do something. 

Psst, the word you’re looking for is elope. 

Sometimes, elopements get a bad wrap. People think eloping means going to Las Vegas, pounding a jägerbomb and having Elvis facilitate your ring ceremony. Let us be the very first to tell you that is NOT true. 

Here are a few other myths about eloping, and the truth about pulling it off. 

Myth: Eloping is hasty.

No. It’s not. The word “elope” is not a synonym for “split decision.” There are a ton of reasons people elope, and none of them are because those people are idiots. It’s an amazing option for people who are going through a big life transition and don’t have the time, money, or brain space to throw a huge wedding. It’s also for people who prefer an intimate setting, or for people who want to get married somewhere exotic. etc. etc. etc. The truth is, elopements take just as much care and heart as weddings do! 

Myth: Eloping is selfish.

People who tell you eloping is selfish and exclusionary are wrong. Don’t listen to them. Eloping doesn’t mean you don’t want to include your family and friends, (actually, they can totally come!), it just means you’re skipping out on inviting your dad’s friend’s brother’s former work colleague and having to worry about where you’re going to sit your Aunt Mel. The truth is, elopements can be as inclusionary as you want! 

Myth: Elopements aren’t special.

Stop trying to kill us. One could argue that, in fact, elopements are more special than a traditional wedding ceremony! Customizing your nuptials to exactly what you and your partner want is the sweetest, most authentic way you could enter your marriage. Keeping it small, intimate, and hosting it in a special place like NYC just adds to the magic. The truth is, elopements are so, so special. 

Myth: You have to plan your elopement alone.

Just because you might be holding a ceremony for just you and your partner, doesn’t mean you have to do it solo. Listen, planning elopements is our literal job. Listen, helping to plan elopements is kind of our deal. We can help you narrow down some of the specifics like picking a location, officiant, and (obviously) a photographer. The truth is, you have Elope Studios.

Truth: If you email elopestudios.com, we can square you and your special elopement away. 

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