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How To Pick An Engagement Ring For Your Elopement


Look at me. Look into my eyes. Listen very carefully: Do. Not. Flip. Out. 

Picking out an engagement ring is a lifelong commitment, but it’s exciting! It’s fun! It’s actually pretty hard to screw up if you pay attention, even just a little! We know it might feel daunting, but fortunately for you, we kind of consider ourselves engagement experts over here, and we know a thing or two about picking out the perfect ring for your partner.

Sure, if you want to drive yourself crazy with the specifics we can’t really stop you, but we can definitely help streamline the process. There are only a few key things you truly need to worry about, and the rest is up to you and your unique, special instinct. (Yes, you have instinct. Follow it!)


For now, here are the big things to consider when it comes to the anatomy of an engagement ring:

The Stone: This is where you get to have the most fun. It sounds very cliché, but really think about it… If your partner was a gem, what gem would they be? Are you picturing something sparkly and giant? Maybe something smooth and deep? Maybe something swirling that changes its color every time you move it? Whatever you’re picturing in your mind, START THERE! 

When in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with a diamond. It’s the most classic, traditional, and arguably most romantic option for an engagement ring. One thing you can consider (and we recommend!) is looking into responsibly sourced stones so your spouse can have all that bling and feel really great about where it came from! Or, go vintage! There is legit no rule that the stone has to be brand new, and jewels with history and stories behind them are often the most special and breathtaking. (Hot Tip: This is also a great way to work in a family heirloom or a gem/metal/material/what-have-you with historical significance!) 

The Shape or Cut: You know that game you played in kindergarten when you had to put a certain shaped block in its corresponding hole? Think of the ring as the block, and your partner as the hole. Or... something. You know what? This metaphor got away from me. 

The gist is: Stones come in a variety of cuts and shapes, but the most common styles are round, square (princess), emerald (more like a rectangle), pear, and cushion. 

Round and square shapes are a great bet for the traditional/classic partner, whereas a rectangle or pear-shaped cut could be a little more adventurous! The cut will also affect the appraisal and cost of the stone, which means your budget may help make this decision for you. Thanks, budget! 

The Setting & Band: This is the part of the ring that actually goes around the finger and it can be just as customizable as the stone itself. This is also a great place to save $$$ and show a little more creativity, especially if you opted for a smaller/simpler stone.

Special bands might have ridges or shape to them. They can even be made out of refurbished materials like polished wood or gunmetal. If you’re freaking out and thinking, “Oh no, just another thing I could screw up!” then go for a simple, plain metal band and move on with your life!

The Price: Here’s the thing: This ring will cost money. The good news is there are a lot of awesome tricks to help you save. Adding a halo (a small band of tiny diamond chips) around the center stone or placing two smaller stones on either side of the centerpiece is a great way to keep your wallet happy and still add lots of sparkle! Or, go for a silver or white gold setting instead of platinum or yellow gold. You can also get a rough or “raw” stone (i.e. unpolished or untreated) to keep the price down and the wow factor UP!

It will also be helpful if you familiarize yourself with the clarity and color of a stone, which will radically affect the price. Some stones may look the same to the naked eye, but could be way different in price depending on their clarity! Ask your ring provider for help you with this part, and they should be able to assist you. (If not, get the hell out of there.)

The main thing is to try to enjoy the process. There are only a few, truly BIG-DEAL purchases most of us make in our lives, and this one is the most special because it’s for someone you love. Take a deep breath, and go make us proud. 

Have the ring picked out already and looking for the next step in your elopement? Reach out to us at hello@elopestudios.com and learn how we can help! 

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