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5 Elopement Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid!


Sure, elopements are objectively easier to plan than a massive wedding (it’s one of our favorite parts about them!), but they aren’t fool-proof. While each and every elopement is special, there are a few ways couples can, um, how do we say… make some mistakes. Don’t do that. Let’s make this the best day of your life. 

While there are always going to be some things that are out of your control, there’s a lot in your control that will make a big difference in UEP. (Ultimate Elopement Payoff. Obviously.) 

Here are 5 elopement mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them. 

1. You’re not thinking big enough. 

No, we don’t mean more people, more money, more stuff. What we mean is…

If you think eloping means walking to your local courthouse and taking a selfie with your marriage certificate, you’re not thinking big enough. Why not elope on top of Rockefeller Center? Or underneath the awning of NYC’s best Chinese restaurant? Or in the middle of Times Square a.k.a. the middle of the universe? 

There are a lot of epic ways to pack a punch and keep the stress free benefits of planning an elopement! It’s kind of our thing, actually. 

2. You’re trying to make it a wedding. 

Psst, if you want a wedding, you should plan a wedding. If you want to scoot off with your partner for the most romantic and intimate time of your life in one of the planet’s top destination locales, then let’s do that! 

If you find yourself stressing over who should be there, what the ceremony should consist of, and color coordinating literally anything with napkins, stop what you’re doing. That is not what elopements are about. Elopements are about you + your partner + I Do’s. That’s it. 

3. You’re skipping a professional photographer. 

*GASP* The ultimate elopement sin. Please listen to us very carefully: foregoing planning a huge wedding for a sweet elopement does not make the day any less important. This is and will remain one of the biggest days of your life and you will want to remember it. 

50 years from now when you look back on your nuptials, you’ll want to remember how beautiful and special the day was, and a selfie on a smartphone camera with poor lighting is not ideal for capturing magic. Trust. 

Plus, because many people will not be attendance, you’re going to want to show them how it all went down! 

4. You’re rushing through the journey.

It’s totally OK if you want to keep this short and sweet, but don’t let the special moments pass you by! Take the time to invest in the decisions you have to make, like picking your officiant, picking your location, and writing your vows. 

If you’re going to marry the love of your life, you might as well do it right, ya know what we mean? You don’t want to look back and regret one thing, and you might regret jotting down your vows on a napkin from the local bodega 10 mins before go-time. Just sayin’.

5. You’re hiding it from the world. 

If you are getting married and it’s a big, big secret, I have a little truth bomb to drop on you: you probably shouldn’t be getting married if you can’t tell anyone about it. 

Sometimes, people think the whole “run away and get hitched” thing is romantic and exciting, but the rest of your life will be there waiting for you when you get back. If there are people who need to know about this decision, do yourself a favor and tell them. It will help you enjoy the ride without the guilt and help you start your married life liberated and free. 

Truthfully, there's only so many ways this can go, and all of them lead to happily-ever-after. Try not to sweat the small stuff and reach out to us at hello@elopestudios.com to see how we can help make this as simple as saying "I Do."