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How To Nail Down Your Elopement Vibe


You’ve seen them. They’re WeDdInG PiNtErEsT BoArDs. They’re the carefully crafted, meticulously designed, and oh-so-trendy mood boards full of matching looks, colors, decorations, themes, feels, emotions, and vibes. Does it seem like everyone else knows exactly what they want out of their elopement or wedding? Yes. Do they actually? No. They’re just winging it, too. 

The truth is, most of us gravitate towards a variety of trends and styles that totally contrast and clash, making it really, really hard to design something like your elopement day. Do you want to go with a minimalist feel? Or something more bohemian chic? Is “Fast Food Grunge” considered a vibe? Probably. But how do you incorporate that into your big day? 

Well, we have some ideas. 

We’ve put together some easy ways to help nail down you and your partner’s ~*elopement vibe*~ so you can make it the most perfectly YOU DAY as possible. 

Here’s where you can start: 

When it comes to design & decorations, consider your home decór: Take a look around your house. This is a great place to start to tap into your style intuition. If you’ve gravitated towards natural looking pieces, (things made out of wood, cork, hemp, rope, whicker, yada-yada), you will likely want to infuse organic and nature-made elements into your elopement, too. If your home is everything chrome, shiny, reflective, or sparkly, rock-and-roll or GLAM might be your go-to buzzwords. 

Likewise, if you find during this exercise that you hate everything you own, take that as a cue to go the opposite direction in your elopement (and stack your registry with the house items you actually want!). Surrounding yourself with visual elements that feel yummy and natural to you will help make your elopement day extra personal. 

When it comes to where to splurge and where to save, picture your perfect day: If you had no time or financial constraints, what would your perfect day include? We’ll wait…

Now, identify the main elements. Did it involve live music? Delicious food? Quiet time alone with your loved one? Your dog? Travel? These are big red arrows pointing you towards the important things! 

Pick one or two of the big ones and make sure you bring those elements into your elopement. If your perfect day involved a nap and pizza, you might want to focus on picking a venue near great eats and cozy lodging. If you saw yourself at a live concert, maybe it’s worth looking into a great band or music venue to say ‘I Do.’ 

When it comes to picking your outfit, visualize your icons and idols: If you can’t immediately figure out what is important to you when it comes to your elopement outfit, don’t stress and look at it this way – This is the day you get to be the best version of yourself. So, what does the best you possible look like?Bring your favorite idols or icons to the front of your brain and ask yourself what they’re wearing. Are they put together, prim and proper? Maybe they don’t care at all about their appearance and that’s what makes them so cool. Maybe it’s strictly three-piece-suits and pencil skirts all day, every day. Whatever their style, take some direction from them and dress the part. You can walk into a clothing store and say “Listen, I’m eloping and I want to look like Mad Men Season 4 Don Draper,” or, “Uma Thurman circa Pulp Fiction.” 

Fun Tip: It’s totally ok if you and your partner don’t coordinate! If one of you shows up in a Marvel superhero costume and the other shows up in a bathrobe, guess what? That’s your forever person, right there. Congratulations. 

When in doubt, you always do have Pinterest. Spend an afternoon searching “Elopement Vibes” and pin the ones that speak to you. Then, call us and we’ll make sure we capture every carefully thought-out detail. hello@elopestudios.com 

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