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Why You Might Want A Maid Of Honor Or Best Man At Your Elopement


We know what you’re thinking - the idea of running away to New York City with your partner to elope in an intimate ceremony, just the two of you, sounds kind of awesome as f*ck. And honestly? We get it. It is. There are a hundred-and-one benefits to eloping, and at the top of that list is seriously trimming the fat on who has to be there and playing to other people’s expectations rather than your own heart’s desires. All of that said, now I’m going to say the big H word…


If you’re on the fence about inviting a Maid of Honor or Best Man to your elopement day, let us play a little devil’s advocate. There are a lot of really great things about having your besties along for the day, and if you’re already unsure about cutting them out, it probably means you have a few good reasons as to why you think they should be there in the first place.


The truth is, every bride and groom deserves a wingman. Even the best planners in the world will hit snags or bumps on their elopement day, and it’s nice to have someone there to say “HEY! HELP!” If you haven’t thought it all the way through yet, here are just a few things we’ve seen MOH’s and Best Man’s take care of: 

  • Keeping track of your wallet / passport / cell phone / plane tickets / cash / ID / [insert whatever you lose often and need most]
  • Holding your chapstick or lipstick so you don’t have to carry a purse or keep it in your suit pocket
  • Fielding phone calls from prying relatives
  • Making sure your bangs don’t do that thing they always do, they know the one you’re talking about 
  • Ensuring sure you don’t sleep through your alarm on the big day
  • Coordinating transportation to and from your venue to the after-party or hotel 
  • Acting as a professional mascara check-er 
  • Calming you the hell down when you have pre-ceremony jitters
  • Acting as your vow-writing editor to make sure you don’t sound like an idiot 
  • Walking you down the aisle (if that’s something important to you!) 
  • Acting as ring bearer/flower girl 
  • Getting the right angle on your “selfies” 
  • Making you feel like the most gorgeous human ever on the one day when, yeah, ok, it’s nice to hear it.

Plus, you’ll have people there who know and love you to give you a big well-deserved toast! Everyone deserves a toast on their wedding day! 

Having a few of your ride-or-dies on hand to celebrate your I Do’s kicks up the special factor just a few degrees, plus, there’s truly no rule that says you can’t ditch them later when you’re ready for some alone time with your new spouse. 

Hey, they’ll understand. After all, they’re your best friends. 

Have your Best Man or Maid Of Honor give us a shout at hello@elopestudios.com and we can do this thing together. The more the merrier (unless you hate that, in which case, so do we.) 

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