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Elope Studios is a photography studio that specializes in affordable, emotive, documentary, candid, colorful and fun elopements, portraits, and proposal packages in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City.

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Brooklyn Bridge Elopement | Leor + Ilya

Leor + Ilya

from Chicago, Illinois

"Ilya and I met online on an app called J Swipe and we later found out that we lived 3 blocks away from each other! Our first date was at the Soho House in Chicago and we both remember that we could not stop laughing the entire date. We had a whirlwind romance where 3 months later he got rid of everything he owned except for his clothing and we moved in together and never looked back. He proposed 8 months later and we are so excited to be having a baby boy in August of 2017! Although everything happened so fast, its our story and we could not imagine it to happen any other way."

Locations: Brooklyn Bridge (elopement), DUMBO

Editing Style: The Williamsburg

City Hall Elopement | Keely + Philipp

Keely + Philipp

from Oregon (Keely) / Switzerland (Philipp)

"We met on a sunny fall day six years ago at Oregon State University when our friend Kelsea set us up at happy hour.  (Note that Keely knew about this set-up all along, while Philipp played the clueless international kid from Switzerland.)  Our first date (purely for educational purposes!) happened six weeks later when Philipp shyly asked if Keely wanted to watch German movies to practice her language skills.  Philipp brought Swiss chocolate wrapped in engineering graph paper, Keely chose the oh-so-romantic movie Troy, and the next six years flew by... finishing grad school at OSU, driving all our belongings to the east coast (with our cat Coco in tow, with stops at Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore), working towards our PhDs (at the University of Delaware), buying a house together, and lots of traveling and adventures in between.  We wouldn't have it any other way. Next up, planning our wedding celebrations in Oregon and Switzerland!"

Locations: City Hall (elopement), Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO

Editing Style: The West Village

City Hall Elopement | Zoe + Stephen

Zoe + Stephen

from Gold Coast, Australia

"Stephen and I have been together for 11 years and we decided to elope when we were on our trip to USA from Australia. We were in New York during the Christmas and New Year time and it all just fell into place.

We had the trip planned for a long time and it was really only within the last two weeks before our trip started that we decided to elope!

As soon as all of our family and friends found out they were all shocked but commented on how this really suits us! We really wanted to get away from the hype of a wedding and just get married- just the two of us!"

Locations: City Hall (elopement), Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO

Editing Style: The Williamsburg