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How To Create An Elopement Hashtag #StressFree

Hate to be the one to break it to you, but getting engaged is going to come with a lot of stuff. Most stuff will be awesome, fun, thrilling, and fulfilling and some stuff will be, well… obligatory. Depending on your personal POV on social media and what it means to be “trending,” you'll likely love to hate or hate to love the hashtag generation process. 

Whether you’re #TotallyJazzed to make up your own hashtag or #SoOverIt already, the truth is you’re going to want one for your big day. It’s an awesome way to keep tabs on your elopement and organize/archive all of the special moments from the best day of your life. #sorrynotsorry. 

So, how do you pick a hashtag? A lot of un-earned pressure goes into making a decision like this. Does it have to rhyme? Should it be funny? It can’t be too generic, but it should be easy to spell. What if your last name is wild? What if your last name sounds like a curse word? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Luckily, there are also so many hashtags. 

Here are a few tips and tools you can use to help zoom in on your personalized elopement hashtag.

Consider Alliteration: 

Human brains like organization. By using the literary tool of alliteration, it will help your elopement guests (or those looking to stalk you on your wedding day) remember where to find you. Consider your first and last names and what fun “wedding-ish” words start with the same letter to see what you can patch together. The less words in a hashtag, the better.

Examples: #MarkMarriedJen #LeslieLovesEric #ForeverFranklins  #JustMarriedJones

Lean Into Punny Names: 

Did you or your fiancé have a nickname in high school? That’s a great start. If your name easily lends itself to a pun, lean into it. (Just keep it clean!) The easier your name fits into a phrase, the better. If it sounds cliché and silly, it probably means you’re on the right track. 

Examples: #TylerTheKnot #HappilyEstherAfter #TillDeathDoUsClark

Use Your Date & City: 

This is the easiest most efficient way to personalize your hashtag without having to get too creative. You can simply throw the date on the end of your new shared last name (if that’s what you’re doing!) and voilá! I mean, how many other Barakchians could possibly be getting married on November 11, 2018 in Cincinnati, know what I mean?

Examples: #BarakchiansNov18 #FrankandTom2018 #ElizaIsaacNYC #SmithsTakePhilly

Crowdsource, Seriously: 

When in doubt, toss it to the masses. Group mind is a real, helpful tool available for all of us and Facebook makes it really easy. Put out the call on your newsfeed and watch the creativity (and competition to make the winning hashtag) fly. Plus, there might be some people out there who are using different strategies than the ones listed here. Hopefully, your abstract friend from your freshman dorm will spit out the perfect hashtag for you and your loved one, making that time you held his legs up for a keg stand SO worth it. 

Once you have the hard stuff out of the way, drop us a note at hello@elopestudios.com to find out all the other ways we can get involved and set you up for #elopementbliss #fun #wecantstop #sendhelp #justkidding #welovethis

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How To Pick An Engagement Ring For Your Elopement

Look at me. Look into my eyes. Listen very carefully: Do. Not. Flip. Out. 

Picking out an engagement ring is a lifelong commitment, but it’s exciting! It’s fun! It’s actually pretty hard to screw up if you pay attention, even just a little! We know it might feel daunting, but fortunately for you, we kind of consider ourselves engagement experts over here, and we know a thing or two about picking out the perfect ring for your partner.

Sure, if you want to drive yourself crazy with the specifics we can’t really stop you, but we can definitely help streamline the process. There are only a few key things you truly need to worry about, and the rest is up to you and your unique, special instinct. (Yes, you have instinct. Follow it!)


For now, here are the big things to consider when it comes to the anatomy of an engagement ring:

The Stone: This is where you get to have the most fun. It sounds very cliché, but really think about it… If your partner was a gem, what gem would they be? Are you picturing something sparkly and giant? Maybe something smooth and deep? Maybe something swirling that changes its color every time you move it? Whatever you’re picturing in your mind, START THERE! 

When in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with a diamond. It’s the most classic, traditional, and arguably most romantic option for an engagement ring. One thing you can consider (and we recommend!) is looking into responsibly sourced stones so your spouse can have all that bling and feel really great about where it came from! Or, go vintage! There is legit no rule that the stone has to be brand new, and jewels with history and stories behind them are often the most special and breathtaking. (Hot Tip: This is also a great way to work in a family heirloom or a gem/metal/material/what-have-you with historical significance!) 

The Shape or Cut: You know that game you played in kindergarten when you had to put a certain shaped block in its corresponding hole? Think of the ring as the block, and your partner as the hole. Or... something. You know what? This metaphor got away from me. 

The gist is: Stones come in a variety of cuts and shapes, but the most common styles are round, square (princess), emerald (more like a rectangle), pear, and cushion. 

Round and square shapes are a great bet for the traditional/classic partner, whereas a rectangle or pear-shaped cut could be a little more adventurous! The cut will also affect the appraisal and cost of the stone, which means your budget may help make this decision for you. Thanks, budget! 

The Setting & Band: This is the part of the ring that actually goes around the finger and it can be just as customizable as the stone itself. This is also a great place to save $$$ and show a little more creativity, especially if you opted for a smaller/simpler stone.

Special bands might have ridges or shape to them. They can even be made out of refurbished materials like polished wood or gunmetal. If you’re freaking out and thinking, “Oh no, just another thing I could screw up!” then go for a simple, plain metal band and move on with your life!

The Price: Here’s the thing: This ring will cost money. The good news is there are a lot of awesome tricks to help you save. Adding a halo (a small band of tiny diamond chips) around the center stone or placing two smaller stones on either side of the centerpiece is a great way to keep your wallet happy and still add lots of sparkle! Or, go for a silver or white gold setting instead of platinum or yellow gold. You can also get a rough or “raw” stone (i.e. unpolished or untreated) to keep the price down and the wow factor UP!

It will also be helpful if you familiarize yourself with the clarity and color of a stone, which will radically affect the price. Some stones may look the same to the naked eye, but could be way different in price depending on their clarity! Ask your ring provider for help you with this part, and they should be able to assist you. (If not, get the hell out of there.)

The main thing is to try to enjoy the process. There are only a few, truly BIG-DEAL purchases most of us make in our lives, and this one is the most special because it’s for someone you love. Take a deep breath, and go make us proud. 

Have the ring picked out already and looking for the next step in your elopement? Reach out to us at hello@elopestudios.com and learn how we can help! 

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Unexpected Bonus(es) of an NYC Destination Elopement

Ok, so we’re a little biased. New York City is kind of our scene. While we’re sure there are other incredible places to elope, we can’t recommend the good ol’ Big Apple enough. Whatever kind of life experience you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Guaranteed.

Picking NYC as your elopement location will offer you so much more than an epic backdrop for your nuptials and there are many, many kinds of memories to be made! 

If you’re between us and, I don’t know, let’s just say a beach somewhere with bugs and sunburns and scary sea creatures with spikes on them, give us a few minutes. We’re sure you’ll be in the “Empire State of Mind” by the end of this article. 

Here are a few of the unexpected bonuses to an NYC destination elopement. 

You can easily turn it into a Honeymoon:

I mean HELLOOooOOo. New York City is actually one of the top destinations for folks to honeymoon at. Book yourself a swanky hotel, buy yourself some spiffy sunglasses, and paint this town red. Spend your nights dancing in an underground speakeasy and your days cruising around the island in a Pirate ship. Somewhere in there, buy yourself some street meat. Just trust us, OK? We’re photographers.

Make it a family/friend vacation:

Even if you don’t invite a ton of people to your vows, they can always meet you before or after for a group extravaganza. The good news is you will never run out of things to do and there is something here for everyone. If you’re traveling from overseas, this is a great time to get your local people together, too. Cause, duh! — NYC is one of the major global transportation hubs. Someone call Grandma and tell her to put on her fun pants because ya'll are going out. 

Check off other big-ticket items on your bucket list!

Off the top of our head, here are just a few things you need to see and do before you die: 

  • Stand at the top of Rockefeller Center
  • Buy an NYC hotdog 
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Participate in a street performance 
  • Ride the F train to Coney Island
  • Take a picture in Times Square (with us!) 

And that doesn’t even include Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, Wall Street, One World Trade, hailing a yellow taxi cab or taking your mom to Saks Fifth Avenue to buy something shiny. (Moms LOVE shiny things.) You can experience a whole new life in just a few short days in NYC, and the best part is your forever person will be right there by your side. 

To learn more about the perks of eloping in NYC (including working us!) hit us up at hello@elopestudios.com.

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