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Fight Off Winter Blues By Planning Your Spring Elopement


Hello and welcome to one of the trickiest times of the year. The holidays are over but the blistering cold, shorter days, and cravings for anything greasy and fried are still here. If you have a pulse, you might have just a very small (or giant) tinge of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and probably have found yourself thinking things like, “I’m not going to make it to spring.” “When is this going to be over?,” and, “Fffffffff thissssssss.” 

We hear you. We feel you. We love you. 

And, we have an idea. 

What if you spent the next three months of hibernation and shame eating planning a gorgeous spring elopement for you and your fiancé? Ya know, hypothetically speaking.*

Elope Studios can help push you through the final cold weeks and get your mind off how crappy the extended winter is making you feel. Below, we’ve set up a little timeline on exactly how to plan your spring elopement, designed to give you a boost of sunshine when you need it most. 

Here’s the "Short And Not-At-All-Official-But-Still-Well-Thought-Out 3-Month Guide To Planning Your Elopement:"

3 Months Out: Pick a date, pick a place, and pick a photographer. 

This is super easy and way fun. The next time you feel yourself sinking into a hole of winter despair, reach for your laptop and follow our instructions. First, pull up elopestudios.com, and boom! - you’ve already checked off your photographer. Next, take some time learning about NYC and all the awesome nooks and crannies you can get eloped in/at/on etc! There is so much this city has to offer, and deciding an elopement location as unique as a corner in Chinatown or as romantic as the Staten Island Ferry is one of our favorite parts. Then, narrow in on your spring date! 

2 Months Out: Book your officiant and finalize your travel plans.

Picking an elopement officiant is almost as fun as picking your spouse. (We said almost. Relax.) Finding someone who totally “gets” you and your fiancé will make the day that much more special. Plus, just imagining a trip in warmer weather will have you sipping margaritas in your mind. Snag your transportation tickets to NYC early to lock in prices, and book any lodging you and your elopement guests need. 

1 Month Out: Fill out final paperwork and write your vows! 

Now, it’s time for just a sprinkling of the finishing touches. Finalize all of your paperwork and take a stab at writing your vows. Voilà! Your elopement is set and suddenly WINTER IS OVER! Finally, let’s get out of these sweatpants and get you into your wedding clothes. You and have an elopement to go to. 

*Seriously speaking. 

Freezing at home but sweating your elopement details? Chill out. Reach us at our contact page of email hello@elopestudios.com for more information. 

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