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How To Include Your Family In Your Elopement (Without turning it into a wedding…)


Let’s not sugar coat it, there is one fundamental difference between a wedding and an elopement, and that’s who is and who is not there to see you get married. 

A lot of the benefits of eloping include fewer guests to worry about, less cooks in the wedding kitchen, and saving a boat load of money. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s (or every mom’s) cup of tea to be sidelined for the big I Do’s.

If you’re looking for ways to include your family in your elopement without turning it into a “whole thing,” we have a few easy and meaningful ideas to make everyone feel included and special. 

Wear a family heirloom
Ask any of your elders what they wore in their weddings and see if anyone is interested in letting you rock it at theirs. 

By literally carrying a piece of a dear family member with you, it allows you to feel connected to them in their potential absence and for that family member to still feel honored and recognized on your big day, even if they aren’t there to see it. 

Honor a family tradition
Talk to your families about traditions or rituals that have been carried down through weddings past. This can be as simple as including a certain reading in your ceremony, to doing a choreographed handshake your Great, Great, Great, Grandfather invented before he and his wife cut the cake 100 years ago. (I don’t know, does that math add up?) 

Take pics, (or we will for you!) performing the tradition and be sure to send them to your loved ones.

Ask for their input on your vows
Vows are a big deal, you guys. Getting them right matters, and asking for your family’s input will have significance for them and you. 

By having the people who cherish you most weigh in on maybe the most important words you ever say, they will feel connected to your big moment, included in your elopement and you can feel their support even if they’re far away. 

Ask for your (and your partner’s!) family blessing
This is just a lovely, totally OG, mushy thing to do that we just love. 

Asking for your in-laws' blessing is the best way to show them you are serious, thoughtful and so, so in love with their child. Plus, it will surely land you brownie points down the road when you’re sharing Thanksgivings together. 

Likewise, if you’re considering popping the question yourself, fill your family in first. This way, they aren’t kept in the dark and can share in the excitement and anticipation of your upcoming nuptials. 

Remember the details to share with them later
ANNNND that’s our queue. Talk with us about how we can make sure every beautiful moment of your elopement day is captured for you to take back to your family and friends when the honeymoon is over. 

Contact us at hello@elopestudios.com to learn more! 

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