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New Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Fiancé (& One Obvious One)


Valentines Day can be tricky. Like, is it a day designed to celebrate love and companionship? Or, did corporate America find a way to monetize human emotions? Honestly - it’s probably both. BUT, WHATEVER. We love any excuse to get lovey-dovey with our partners and think you should too.

If you’re feeling the pressure of the impending holiday coming up and don’t know how to make your fiancé or loved-one feel special, don’t panic. There are a lot of fun ways to celebrate the big day that doesn’t include buying boxed chocolate from CVS. 

Here, Elope Studios has put together a few new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, leaving our favorite for the end! (Scroll if you must.) 

1. Play hooky from work together. Seriously. 

As a rule, we think everyone should take one (or two, or five) days a year and just straight up call in sick. You might feel like it’s a really bad time to do that, or maybe you even just got back from vacation. That’s why you have to pretend you’re really, REALLY sick. If you toss in the word “vomit” when you call or email, we promise your boss will be begging you to stay home. Then, turn off your cell phones and settle in for a day of pizza in bed and whatever else you like to do on your own, ~*private*~ time. Just remember - NO POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to forget you’re lying to your manager when you have a perfect nacho tower just waiting to be ‘grammed. 

2. Cook a Desserts Only dinner. 

That means nothing savory and nothing healthy. Warm up with a charcuterie board made of chocolate-covered almonds and peanut butter dipping sauce. Chow down on a platter of sea salt caramel cake with raspberry mouse as a side dish. Finish it off with a creamy bowl of ice cream and fudge. Serve with champagne. (Deal with the sugar hangover tomorrow. You’re an adult, for crying out loud.) 

3. Go get a piercing, a haircut, or a tattoo together. 

Depending on hold bold you’re feeling, something like this promotes bonding and creates a lasting memory. If the idea of permanently getting inked up isn’t your thing, getting a hair trim or even simply buying outfits you would never usually wear together is a fun option to shake things up. It’s also a way to get out of your relationship routine without tampering with the awesome things that make you guys “you.” 

4. Volunteer or find a new charity to check out.

Using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to volunteer and give back to your community is a sweet way to spend time with your partner and spread some love. Donating your time or resources can only produce positivity, and will set you and your Valentine up for a unique, shared connection. 

5. ELOPE! 

If you think eloping on Valentine’s Day is cliché, we say get over yourself. It’s freaking awesome. We would be honored to help you plan your elopement on the best day of the year to tell your Valetine, “Hey. I want to spend forever with you. Here's some CVS chocolate."

Let us play cupid and email hello@elopestudios.com to set up your engagement and also to find out what our favorite chocolate flavor is. (It's NOT molasses. Obviously.) 

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