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The Ultimate Elopement Checklist For Getting Married in NYC


Listen, you’ve already done the scary part. Deciding to get married is a BIG DEAL, and it doesn’t matter if you’re getting hitched at St. Patricks Cathedral or on the F train downtown… you’ve still made the biggest decision of your life, so phew! – consider that part over. 


Now, the how?, when?, where? and with who? are all left to figure out, and if you’ve found yourself here, that likely means you already know a traditional wedding with 200 of your closest friends (and super distant relatives, like your second cousin Harry who spits when he talks) is not for you. 

Getting eloped is a great option, and picking NYC to do it in is even better. We know that the couple looking to elope is also looking to cut out the stresses of planning the big day, and that's where we’ve got you covered. 

Here is the ultimate elopement checklist of everything you need to get married in NYC, and live oh-so-happily ever after.


Decide when you want to get married, and prep any travel accommodations you need to make in advance - If you’re coming from out of town or even out of the country, confirm whatever travel documents are required for you to get the big ol' apple. Things like passport renewals, entry visas and sneaky airfare fees are all worth researching so there are no surprises when it's go-time.

Decide on your location - Getting married in NYC requires a marriage license. To apply, you need to go to City Hall at least 24 hours before your ceremony. Bring with you your required ID documents and way to pay!

Decide on your location - The amazing thing about getting eloped is you can literally do it anywhere (Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square or even on a subway platform are all game!) If you’re new to the city, talk to us and we can help guide you to some of our favorite spots. If you have something in mind, let’s go for it!

Decide who you want there - This is a biggie. Elopements are unique, because it’s safe to assume the couple getting married doesn't want a huge party. Still, it’s worth sitting down with your partner and talking this one out. Is it going to ruin your relationship with your mother-in-law if she doesn’t come? What about your best friend? Invite all people necessary, and forget the rest!

Pick an officiant and a witness - If you want someone specific to marry you, make sure you ask in advance and give them time to get any kind of certification required for your faith/state/country etc. We also have an amazing team of officiants who can help!

Book a photographer - We know some people. *cough* *cough*

Elopements are our favorite things to photograph, because it’s all about you. We don’t need to waste our resources worrying about catching the flower girl walking down the aisle, or making sure your Aunt Lindsay looks “tall, thin and younger.” At your elopement, our sole focus is capturing the beautiful moments on the best day of your life, in a way that is honest, organic and perfectly *~*you.*~*


Write your vows - If you’re writing your own vows, that is. It might be worth it to talk over the vow game plan with your partner, just to make sure one of you doesn’t show up with a long, beautiful, intricate novel focused on your undying love, and the other person comes with a list of one-liners and a few embarrassing memories. (Hot tip: When in doubt, quote The Notebook.)

Pick your outfit - The days of traditional wedding ball gowns are way, way behind us. If you want to get married in a onesie made out of white feathers, we say, “hell yes.” Just make sure whatever you’re wearing is weather appropriate, and you’re comfortable bopping around the city in it before and after your “I Do’s.”

Don’t forget the rings! - Seriously. Don’t do that.



Pick your poison - And by that we mean: pick how you want to celebrate. In NYC, any kind of entertainment that tickles your fancy is available to you… from popping champagne in an intimate hotel room alone with your new spouse, to ripping tequila shots and breaking it down on the dance floor at a Salsa nightclub... however you want to celebrate, NYC has got you covered. 

Call your family and friends - … If you want to. It’s worth telling the important people that you're hitched before they find out from social media, or, ya know from cousin Henry.

Live happily every after!!! - This part is really important. :) 


Congratulations on your engagement and contact us at hello@elopestudios.com with any/all questions! 

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