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How to Get Married in NYC


The Big Apple is your playground.

Elopements in New York City don't always need to be at City Hall.

Want to get married in Central Park?

Or surrounded by incredible street art in Bushwick?

On a vintage, wood paneled sailboat on the Hudson River?

We can make it happen.

All you need is an officiant, one witness, and a marriage license.

We can help you with all of this and document every moment of it.



City Hall Marriage

If you’re looking to get married in City Hall, here are a few things you should know about the process. First, you and your spouse to be must obtain a marriage license at the City Clerk’s Office at least 24 hours before your ceremony, and it will remain valid for 60 days. The cost of a license is $35 payable by credit card or money order. Once at the marriage bureau for your ceremony, you will check in at the front and receive a number.  It can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes for them to call your number.  Once called, you will go to the counter with valid ID and witnesses to fill out your marriage license.  Then you wait a little more until you are called into another waiting area to be wed.  There are two rooms where they perform ceremonies that can fit approximately 30 people.  Once you and your witnesses are in the “chapel” the ceremony is conducted by an officiant and lasts 4-6 minutes.  And voila, you’re wed!

Click here to view NYC’s official website from the Marriage Bureau.


Where is City Hall?

City Hall Marriage Bureau

141 Worth Street, New York, NY 

Monday - Friday: 9am - 3:45pm

Wanna get married somewhere else?  We can help you there too…

There are so many options when it comes to eloping in NYC. With respect to private property and local businesses, there are an array of locations to choose from for your wedding ceremony. All you need is an officiant registered with the City Clerk’s Office, a witness, and a marriage license. Some city parks and areas require permits, but we can help point you in the right direction to have everything sorted out before your big day. 

Click here to view NYC’s official website from New York City Parks Department.